Invading The Green

This is a blog that journals a young woman’s journey into the male dominated sport of golf.

Invading The Green

Snack For A Better Game

July 23, 2017

The heat index has been over 100 degrees Fahrenheit in Missouri the last couple of days and the heat wave is predicted to continue through the coming weeks. Although I love to play golf, the heat really takes its toll on me. I do a good job of staying hydrated, drinking water before play then making sure that I sip every 15 minutes while in the game, but…

Invading The Green

Warning: 7 Things You Should Know Before Dating A Golfer

July 4, 2017

Most single people I know go on the same dates, with the same type of people every week. Then they complain about how they can’t find someone special. I have some sage advice: date someone who plays golf. Serious golfers have personality traits that translate well into relationships. However, there are seven key things you should know before you decide to date someone who plays golf. Golfers are…

Invading The Green

First-Aid for the Golfer: What to Carry With You

June 25, 2017

First-Aid for the Golfer: What to Carry With You was first published in the online magazine Women’s Golf  Having been a registered nurse for over twenty years, I’ve seen and treated a lot of injuries; some of which originated on the golf course. The most common injuries and illnesses that occur during peak season include: sunburn, dehydration, heat stroke, Rhus dermatitis, and insect stings or bites. By carrying a basic…

Book Reviews Invading The Green

Even Par: A Book Review

June 12, 2017

I’ve only been at the game of golf a few weeks and I needed help getting up to speed fast. Consequently, I began looking for resources that I could use and came across a little book called Even Par: How Golf Helps Women Gain the Upper Hand in Business. The authors, Leslie Andrews and Adrienne Wax, have had impressive business careers and bring a lot of golfing expertise…

Invading The Green

Learning Golf Terms: The Language of Golf

June 3, 2017

One of the major keys to success in any endeavor is to learn the language of the thing that you are trying to accomplish. Learning key golf terms and being able to demonstrate their use in casual conversation tells fellow golfers that you belong. It reassures them that you understand the rules and customs of the game, and that they can count on you to follow them. After…

Invading The Green

The Adventures of Chunk

June 1, 2017

Wanting to be more civic minded and give back to our community, my husband and I became involved with the Kansas City English Bulldog Rescue (KCEBR).  Shortly after becoming volunteers, we were asked to foster an older dog named “Chunk.” His owner had died in hospice, and Chunk didn’t have any place to go. The KCEBR took him into the foster program, and placed him in a temporary…

Invading The Green

The Swing

May 29, 2017

My husband and I went back to the driving range last night to hit a few balls. We both were pretty sore (upper body) so we went through some yoga moves before heading out. I love yoga and the way it makes me feel. I’ve been an athlete most of my life, and due to injuries have had to rethink my attitude towards exercise. Low impact exercise is…