Invading The Green

Warning: 7 Things You Should Know Before Dating A Golfer

July 4, 2017

Most single people I know go on the same dates, with the same type of people every week. Then they complain about how they can’t find someone special. I have some sage advice: date someone who plays golf. Serious golfers have personality traits that translate well into relationships. However, there are seven key things you should know before you decide to date someone who plays golf.

  1. Golfers are on time

People who play golf take tee times seriously. Before you date a golfer, you better make sure that you give yourself plenty of lead time to get ready. If you are going to meet your date, make sure you know the location and arrive at least five minutes early. Being late, or making you both late to a venue will not go over well and will set a negative tone for the evening. Being early is akin to being on-time. Being on-time is akin to being late.


  1. Golfers like to talk about golf

It’s a sure bet that the subject of golf is going to come up at some point during the date. To prepare for your date, read up on the language of golf so you can understand what your date is talking about and make intelligent contributions to the conversation. You don’t have to know everything about golf, just a few key words and phrases will do. You can ready my Language of Golf blog post here  to get you started.


  1. Golfers don’t stay out late on Saturday nights

Sundays are popular days to play golf, and a lot of local tournaments are held on a Sunday. If you choose to date a golfer, you will have to realize that late night partying on Saturdays will not happen. Golfers like to turn in early on Saturday nights so they are rested and ready to play early Sunday morning. It would be wise to ask if your date has an early tee time Sunday morning before making plans for Saturday night.


  1. Golfers like to hit the driving range

If you want to impress your date, suggest that you go to a driving range. Golfers love the opportunity to show off their skills and it will give you the chance to “get close” while your date shows you how to swing a club. Now, if you are a golfer yourself, you don’t have to reveal this information. It might ruin a great opportunity to see some personality shine through.


  1. Golfers constantly check for weather updates

If your date looks at the phone a lot, don’t assume the worst. Golfers are like farmers in their obsession with knowing the weather. It’s highly likely that your date has at least three phone apps related to golf courses, weather or tee times on their phone.


  1. Golfers have a lot of patience

If you are an impatient person, better buckle up. Golfers will wait, and wait, and wait for whatever it is they want. This can be an incredibly good trait, or an incredibly maddening trait depending on your own personality. Rather than skip a hole, they will wait for a faster group to play through or wait for a group in front of them to finish. Golfers are good at waiting, and usually get what they want.


  1. Golfers are committed and responsible people

Don’t date a golfer if you like playing the field. Golfing is the one sport that teaches how to handle adversity and stay focused on the prize. These are serious traits that translate well into other areas of their lives. They aren’t quitters. If you are not prepared for a long-term, serious relationship, don’t date a golfer.


Of course, there’s more than seven things to know before dating a golfer but the rest is for you to discover on your own. I dated a golfer once a few years ago. We knew each other 21 days before we got married. If you want to find an amazing spouse, try looking on the golf course!

Have you ever dated a golfer? What was it like? What was your experience?